Windows Installation and Home Improvement

Startup Costs: Under $2,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? No

Replacement windows rank sixth as the most frequently completed home improvement renovation, and demand continues to grow. Modern manufacturing methods and materials can be accredited for this booming industry. Today's windows are constructed from maintenance free vinyl and aluminum extrusions that have excellent insulation value, and come in a full range of designs and operating features. People with a construction and renovation background will find this business start-up to be of particular interest, as the investment is low and the profit returns can be excellent.

Ask the Expert: Jefferson K. Rogers, Owner and CEO of JKR Windows

What is the first step to getting started in the window installation industry?

Is the window installation industry growing?

The home improvement industry is seeing tremendous growth right now. In 2020, we saw record sales in the industry. Now that more people are at home, they’re paying more attention to things they may not like about their home, and have the time to fix them. Homeowners are looking for a space that is not only appealing to them personally but is functional based on how the environment and uses of their homes may have changed as a result of the pandemic.

What are the current trends in window installation and what type of person is a great fit to try this?

The home maintenance space is seeing a lot of trends right now. Home remodeling searches have more than DOUBLED from 2020 to 2021. At JKR Windows, we’re also seeing a growing number of homeowners implement eco-conscious decisions into the construction of their houses. One method they do so is by installing energy-saving windows. You prevent overuse of your heating and air conditioning systems in your house by utilizing double or triple pane windows that limit the transfer of both hot and cold temperatures. Similarly, Low-E, argon-insulated windows help reduce the number of UV rays that pass through your windows. This results in controlled indoor temperature, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere throughout the seasons, and reduces the amount of energy and resources required to maintain a comfortable home year-round. When I first started JKR Windows, I ran all sides of the business myself, including sales, operations, payroll, and finances. But it is also important to recognize where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and that’s where hiring specific staff for specific skills is key. That can help you find the right partners who can supplement areas you may not be as knowledgeable about while still sharing similar core values. Someone who is motivated and committed to work with limited resources would excel, not just in the home maintenance space, but in any business endeavor. 


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How much money can a person expect to make in the first year and in five years?

Within the first six months of my business, I made more money than I had ever made previously. That’s the point where I think most business owners start to get comfortable in their earning. Instead of holding steady, that’s the point where business owners need to push even harder, continuing to put in the hours and effort, to prevent your company from stalling out financially. The key is to keep developing yourself as a leader and continue to build your team in order to give yourself an opportunity to have steady financial growth.

What kind of experience/training do you need to have?

Personally, I didn’t have any industry-specific certifications when I was just starting out, just a willingness to learn as much as I possibly could. In my experience, I haven’t seen any industry-specific training for contractors in the window, roofing, or solar spaces that would help any more than just figuring it out on your own.

What do you wish you knew when you were just starting out?

One thing I wish I would’ve emphasized earlier in my business journey was the importance of team building and supplementing your staff with skillsets that  I wasn’t as knowledgeable in. For instance, I went an entire year without an administrator on my team. Instead, I did all of the ordering, auditing, payroll, and other administrative tasks on my own, working 18 to 20-hour days, and that ultimately led to burnout. So the earlier you can find someone who is willing to support you in the areas you aren’t as proficient in, even if it is a family member, the better off you and your business will be in the long run.


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Who are your customers?

Our customer base is primarily across Utah, where we have replaced windows for hundreds of homeowners across the state.  Our process of finding new customers is through intense marketing and referrals from previous jobs, along with door-to-door sales and direct mail.

Are there any resources you recommend that were extremely valuable to get your business off the ground?

Having a mentor is key to any new or existing business owner. One of my mentors that provided the most value to me and helped me gain the momentum to build my own business is Grant Cardone. He has guided me through the importance of investing, not just in myself, but in other ways to generate value like through real estate, cryptocurrency, and the stock market. Cardone gave me the courage and motivation to change the way I think and to keep raising the benchmarks and targets I set for myself personally and professionally. 


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