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Startup Costs: $2,000 - $10,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? No

Copywriters prepare copy or text for advertisements, marketing brochures, press releases, TV and radio commercials, catalogs and packaging labels, just to mention a few. This business depends on you having a talent for writing in a clear and concise manner that can get the message across, building excitement and interest, and motivating people to take action. The demand for copywriter services is excellent, as most business owners do not possess the skills, time or inclinations to prepare highly effective copy. Establishing alliances with advertising agencies, graphic artists and public relations firms is an outstanding method to market a copywriting service, as these types of companies can refer your service to their clients, or utilize the service themselves. Copywriting fees greatly vary depending on the type and size of the copy being created. However, achieving average earnings of $50 per hour should not prove difficult.