Adib Samara

Global Brand and Marketing for Sweetheart Kitchen

Adib Samara has a BA in Political Science and a Masters in International Law and brings a unique combination of multinational and entrepreneurial experience, having worked across a variety of industries in various capacities. Adib is currently leading Global Brand and Marketing for Sweetheart Kitchen.

Prior to that, he was at the Director of Business Development at Careem, a UAE-based startup that sold to Uber for US$3.1 billion, where he lead partnerships for the brand.

He previously headed Business Development at Laundrybox, another UAE-based startup, as well as Salmontini, where he established, structured and implemented the sales and distribution strategies for the brand. He is also on the Advisory Board of The Box Self Storage, and was a Sales Advisor for SugarMoo Desserts. Prior to that, spent his career with Nestlé where he gained solid exposure to various regional assignments in different senior capacities, including sales development management for the Nescafé brand.


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