Aliya Rajah

Personal and professional development coach, and podcast host

Aliya Rajah is a personal and professional development coach, corporate trainer, podcast host, entrepreneur, and founder of Coaching with Aliya. She is one of the leading coaches in the UAE, working with male and female clients, including CEOs, public figures, celebrities, professors, lawyers, and healthcare professionals. She has conducted training sessions for ADNOC, the UAE Ministry of Education, the Emirates Foundation, and First Abu Dhabi Bank. On her podcast, The Women Who Flourish, Aliya shares proven strategies to help people stop standing in their own way, overcome their fears, and make their dreams a reality. 



Reframing Success: How To Set Up A Winning Lifestyle For The Long Term

To ensure you're fighting fit for running a business, you need to readdress the equilibrium, and reevaluate what success means.

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