Ammar Al Raees

Business Development Professional

Ammar Al Raees is an MBA, an ex-banker and a business development veteran. He has co-founded Dikkan, one of the fastest growing Interior Design firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain, whose clients mainly consist of HNWIs and members of the Royal Family. Dikkan’s reputation has allowed it to be the exclusive agent to fabrics from renowned design houses such as Armani and Hermès. 

He is currently involved in the development of a couple of new businesses as well. Ammar maintains his day job as a Business Development Manager in a Government-owned aviation company and is the designated Government Liaison.


Starting a Business

There's No Time Like The Present To Move On Your Entrepreneurial Ambitions

The fears that are instilled in our minds were, in many entrepreneurs' cases, disproven once we decided that the business was ready to be take flight.

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