Anand Kapoor

Founder, Midcom Group

Anand Kapoor is the founder and head of Midcom Group, a major international conglomerate with an annual turnover exceeding $1.5 billion.

Kapoor has steered Midcom Group on a path to success through a myriad of business activities across the Middle East and Africa. In the process he has embraced and revolutionized industries as diverse as telecommunications, commodities, commercial and residential real estate, dairy products, forex and education.

Headquartered in Dubai, Kapoor leads Midcom in its business operations around the globe. From its global telecoms distribution network to its international agriculture and dairy business, consumer electronics and education, under Kapoor’s leadership and guidance, Midcom has grown into an impressive organization, employing thousands, while helping to build prosperous communities through education, economic investment and leadership. 


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