Azeem Khan

Fundraising and Partnerships Lead, Gitcoin

Azeem Khan is a New York-based entrepreneur and Web3 native. He entered into the crypto space in 2013 buying and selling Bitcoin, and he went on to write about it for The Huffington Post. Since then, he has tried launching a cryptocurrency called Kim Coindashian in early 2014, and he then worked within the initial coin offering space in 2017. In 2021, he launched a venture-backed Web3 crowdfunding platform, and currently, he’s one of the leads in partnerships at Gitcoin, a decentralized autonomous organization that has helped distribute over US$65 million in grants to the Web3 ecosystem since 2017, and helped spawn many multi-billion dollar companies in the web3 space that were originally grantees of the enterprise. 



The World Of Web3: A Beginner's Guide To A Space That's Set To Change The World As The Internet Once Did

In order to best understand why it's important to build in Web3, you need to take a step back to understand public goods.

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