Brett Smyth

CEO, EngageME

Brett Smyth is the CEO of EngageME, a company founded in 2013 based on his deep-seated drive to make a difference. Using a unique combination of strategic smarts and creative capabilities, EngageME works with businesses to create collaborative cultures of success, using innovative, unique and impactful solutions to unlock employee potential and drive positive transformation. In its short life span to date, the company has already received numerous accolades, and Brett was nominated as one of five finalists for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the UAE in 2013.  

Brett’s passion for adventure has fueled his career, which has seen him bring real and lasting change to a diverse range of organizations across the globe. From London to New York, Dubai to Doha, Brett has brought his unique brand of communications, organizational psychology and change management consulting expertise to the table. Along the way, he also managed to pick up an MBA from the prestigious London Business School, and gave himself Ivy League accreditation in the process, with a full-time exchange to Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College in the States. 


Growth Strategies

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