Brian Frankel

Brian Frankel is a multinational marketing consultant known for research, writing, advertising, and business development. CEOs and General Managers solicit his services to generate revenue, tackle challenges, or bring fire to their teams. Brian’s global client roster includes Coca Cola, Creative Artists Agency, MySpace, Spin Media, Innovation Protocol, management consulting firms, startups, family offices, and celebrities. Utilizing his extensive network, Frankel advises American, Emirati, and Indian businesses on expanding into international markets. His experience also makes him a sought-after keynote speaker, recently featured at SXSW, UCLA, TiE Dubai and SoCal, Provisors Los Angeles, Sheraa Sharjah, NYU Abu Dhabi and the MCN in Morocco. Learn more about Brian at


Growth Strategies

Ignite Sales: A Marketing Secret To Control The Purchase Process

Here is one of their tactics that you can apply to your own marketing campaigns.

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