Bunty Monani

Founder and CEO, Zofeur

Bunty Monani is the founder and CEO of Zofeur. Zofeur is the world's first on-demand mobility platform for all car-related needs and the first pay-per-minute chauffeur service, now available in Dubai, UAE. The on-demand platform offers a wide range of services, including hiring a personal chauffeur with no minimum usage commitment, picking up and dropping off cars at the garage, arranging for vehicle inspection, moving cars from A to B, and more. The company has now expanded its services to Abu Dhabi as well.


Growth Strategies

To Expand, Or Not To Expand? 10 Factors To Consider Before Expanding Your Startup

It is paramount for startups to thoroughly evaluate their short-term expansion goals, and align it with their overall long-term aims to avoid changes in strategic direction, and ensure commitment to the expansion.

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