Chandra Dake

Executive Chairman and Group CEO, Dake Group

Chandra Dake is the Executive Chairman and Group CEO of the Dake Group, and an advocate of innovation and sustainability, with a focus on food security and water conservation. Dake reconciles a strong entrepreneurial drive with a philanthropic spirit, which has helped him conceptualize and implement socially conscious and sustainable business models over a 21-year career as a successful entrepreneur. From beginnings in information technology consulting and niche medical artificial intelligence, Dake’s business interests have blossomed to include sectors such as agriculture, energy, commodity trading, and sustainable technologies. His business approach is anchored in strong ethics and values, which is evident in his efforts to implement inclusive growth models for underprivileged community farmers, and scaling transformative desert farming and water conservation solutions. 


Growth Strategies

Five Ways In Which The COVID-19 Crisis Has Spurred Ecologically Conscious Entrepreneurship

The overlap between entrepreneurship and sustainability is becoming more pronounced than ever.

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