Darlene Torres

Blockchain enthusiast

Darlene Torres is a widely recognized contributor to blockchain education, working on making innovative blockchain applications easier to understand and deploy for SMEs and large enterprises within the MENA region and beyond.

She is a part of the new wave of first-generation blockchain leaders from South East Asia who have achieved outstanding success in their early twenties. Having experienced first-hand what it's like to be a child whose parents couldn't afford schooling, Torres went from first grade to blockchain, having no formal education.

Today, she is determined to pay it forward by sharing advanced blockchain education with those around her and putting reliable infrastructure within everyone's reach in order to support a fair and inclusive development of Web 3.0.

As one of the earliest adopters of blockchain and cryptocurrency, she is also a trusted advisor of industry leaders thrice her age due to her vast knowledge, rational and informed approach to blockchain projects and virtual assets.



Four Key Areas Forward-Thinking Countries Need To Focus On To Grow Blockchain-Aware Populations

While select countries and individuals understand that this kind of technology aids in rapid growth and advancement, others continue to wonder what cryptocurrencies are and why they have value.

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