Dawn Metcalfe

Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker

Dawn Metcalfe is workplace culture advisor, author and speaker. She is the founder of PDSi, which helps individuals and teams drive organizational and behavioral change. Dawn’s first book was Managing the MatrixThe HardTalk Handbook is her second. Dawn speaks regularly at events and in the media on any topic where people and business intersect. You can read more about HardTalk at www.hardtalk.info and about PDSi at www.pds-i.com. Talk to Dawn on Twitter @DawnPDSi


Starting a Business

Corporate World Or Entrepreneurship? It Doesn't Have To Be One Versus The Other

We should encourage entrepreneurship, but we must remember that entrepreneurship takes on many different shapes and forms– perhaps we can consider it a mindset, rather than a job role to better understand its potential.

Growth Strategies

How Culture Can Help Your Company Get Ahead

We all know culture is key. It's key to sustained success, and to most failures.

Growth Strategies

Get Better At Difficult Conversations By Aligning Your Behavior With What You Want

The problem is that, in a HardTalk scenario, we often behave in a way almost guaranteed to achieve any purpose, other than the one we want.

Growth Strategies

Straight Talk: How To Have Good Difficult Conversations

Asking for a raise, persuading somebody that your idea is right and/or theirs is wrong, giving bad news to a supplier or direct report- nobody in their right mind enjoys these situations.

Growth Strategies

10 Things I Learned Setting Up A New Enterprise (While Running My Existing Business)

In the process of building HardTalk, whilst also doing my full-time job of running my existing business and serving my clients, I learned a few things that I think might help other fellow entrepreneurs spearheading their enterprises- and I'd like to share them with you here.

Growth Strategies

Making Relationships Count: The Key To Successful Networking

Networking is more than being about who you know- it's what those people think of you.

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