Desislava Dobreva

Brand Strategist

Desislava Dobreva is an award-winning Brand Strategist, TEDx speaker and a social media influencer with an audience of over 100,000 people. She helps businesses build and scale brands that are powerful, profitable and popular with her unique methodologies and techniques.

Desislava is recognized for her unconventional approach to branding because she dives deep into the psychology and neuroscience behind building a successful business and holds monthly trainings on the topic.

Because her expertise is transferable to every industry, she has worked with both global brands and small businesses- from service-based entrepreneurs and e-commerce shops to restaurants and tech startups. She also sponsors and supports multiple organizations in the battles against animal cruelty and cyber bullying.


Growth Strategies

Five Tips To Grow Your Audience For Your Digital Business

Audience growth is essential in any digital business in 2018, because having a larger number of potential clients looking at your content will massively increase your revenue potential.

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