Dr. Ehab Hamarneh

Transformational teacher, coach, and changemaker

An Arab changemaker and founder of the “Be You” movement, Dr. Ehab Hamarneh is a transformational teacher whose students include renowned singers, Oscar-nominated actors, influencers, and many business leaders. Though hailing from a small town called Madaba in Jordan, Dr. Ehab has grown to reach millions on social media, spreading a message of hope and empowerment in the Arab world. He has authored a best-selling book called Be You and formulated sought-after courses in his academy, such as Inner Peace, Rapid Manifestation, Self Love, Seven Universal Laws, Authentic Speaker, Soul Alchemy and Wealth Masters, to help people expand their consciousness, find their purpose, and live fulfilling lives. Ehab’s exemplary work in purpose-driven leadership, healing processes, and ancient wisdom has been so significant that he now finds himself chasing a greater mission of enlightening a million leaders across the Arab world. 


Growth Strategies

The Biggest Trap Of Entrepreneurship: Happiness ≠ Achievement

Entrepreneurs have been subconsciously programed to believe that the medicine for the issue causing them daily suffering lies in the next level of achievement.

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