Erkki Aaltonen

Executive Director, startAD

Erkki Aaltonen is the Executive Director of startAD, the innovation and entrepreneurship platform at NYU Abu Dhabi. Erkki has more than 15 years of diversified rich experience in various investment and corporate development roles at Nokia Ventures, VTT Ventures, KAUST Innovation Fund, and Shenzhen Leaguer Venture Capital. He is the co-founder of five startups and has carried out close to a 100 funding rounds, mainly pre-seed, seed stage, some Series A and Series B, and has helped fellow entrepreneurs raise venture capital north of US$100 million.



Get Your Money's Worth: What Investors Should Look For In A Startup

The key determinant of funding for angel investors (or any investor in general) is to understand if the company they are interested in is fundable or not.

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