Fahad Alidi

Managing Director, Wa'ed Ventures

Fahad Alidi is the Managing Director of Wa'ed Ventures

Backed by Aramco, Wa'ed Ventures is a US$500 million venture capital fund with the aim to accelerate the development of a full innovation ecosystem by investing in tech-based startups, globalizing Saudi’s homegrown technologies, and stimulating the emergence of a sustainable startup economy.

With a ticket size of up to $20 million per investment deal, and Aramco’s unwavering support, Wa’ed Ventures provides access to ecosystem resources, strategic partnerships, market intelligence, and a global network that drives the growth of companies as they cross markets and geographies.


Growth Strategies

A Transformational Leap: Looking Back On The Last Decade Of Saudi Arabia's Startup Ecosystem

"For the first time, we're seeing an active movement to close the gaps that have always separated us from the global digital scene."

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