Genny Ghanimeh

Founder and CEO, Pi Slice

Following her passions for microfinance and online industries, Genny Ghanimeh founded Pi Slice in March 2012 and negotiated a partnership agreement with MicroWorld from the Group PlanetFinance to build and administer the first microlending the online platform in MENA. Ghanimeh began her career in Development Project Finance, and later shifted her focus to finance and business development, where she honed her entrepreneurial skills in founding her first company Pro-ID in 2003. She also consulted in setting-up and managing a financial security semi-governmental company in Dubai, and in 2007, Ghanimeh founded and managed Pi Investments.


Growth Strategies

The Tao Of Success

Stop aspiring for 15 minutes of fame, and instead look toward realizing lasting success.

Growth Strategies

A Formula For Success

An entrepreneur mindset combined with a businessperson's skillset is an ideal is a great recipe for success.

Starting a Business

Understanding Entrepreneurial Burnout (And How To Deal With It)

It is worth pointing out that burnout doesn't only occur when things aren't going well. Many entrepreneurs running very successful businesses can be, and are, just as susceptible to burnout.


The Missing Factor: The Key Component Overlooked By Startup Ecosystems And Innovation Strategies

In spite of the many support structures designed for startups, the data indicates that those ecosystems are also failing to some extent.

Starting a Business

No One Said Building A Company Was Easy: Overcoming The Psychology Of The Tech Entrepreneur

Mental toughness is what gets us through the self-doubt moments and the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

Starting a Business

Overcoming The Psychology Of The Social Entrepreneur

The journey of entrepreneurship, though rewarding in some aspects, can be one of the most psychologically draining experiences one may ever face.

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