Hussein Safa

Director of Administration of BMB Group

Hussein Safa is the Director of Administration of BMB Group, a conglomerate food company with chocolate, Mediterranean sweets, healthy snacks, and healthy food brands. BMB has two state of the art food production facilities based in Dubai. Once a modest startup back in 2007, the company has grown exponentially and operates numerous offices across the globe. With over six years of experience in managing an employee workforce of over 500, Hussein offers a unique blend of leadership vision and knowledge. He has served as Human Resources Director of BMB Group for the past five years, increasing productivity and building a positive work environment through his unique philosophy of employee growth and satisfaction. He has implemented an HR system where all the functions of human resources became digitized and automated. Through his passion and dedication, Hussein has expanded his responsibilities to cover sales and operations, with an objective of creating a smooth workflow in the coming years.


Growth Strategies

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