Iman Ben Chaibah


Iman Ben Chaibah, founder of Sail Publishing, a digital publishing house for online magazines and ebooks, and Editor-in-Chief of the Emirati Sail Magazine, an online magazine about community and culture written in English by Emirati columnists. Iman is a multi-award winner in digital publishing, entrepreneurship, and literature. She started her career in IT with the private sector, climbed the corporate ladder from a programmer, to a project manager, all the way to a senior manager in IT before she decided to leave her safe job and take the risk of running her own company in the field of publishing, a field she’s always been passionate about.



Five Tips For Starting A Business In The UAE's Publishing Sector

When starting a business in publishing, it is important to talk with a lot of different publishers and get their advice about the sector.


10 Things You Should Know Before Uprooting Your Life To Become An Entrepreneur

As much as we like to believe sometimes that all of us can run businesses, but in reality, just like we have different personality traits, some of those traits as well define whether we'd be better off as a business owner, or as an employee

Growth Strategies

Five Reasons Going To A Conference Abroad Is A Must For SMEs

To go to that conference or not to go; that's always the question any startup or SME owner asks themselves every time they get to know about a great conference, course or exhibition in their domain coming their way. I know that because I always struggle with that question myself.

Starting a Business

Nine Lessons I've Learned Launching and Running My Own Business

The founder and CEO of Sail Publishing lists a few things she learnt while running her enteprise that are terrific business lessons for any industry.

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