Jeff Ogden

General Manager, Mimecast Middle East

Jeff Ogden, General Manager - Middle East at Mimecast

Having a rich experience of 35 years in the IT Sector; with Cyber Security as his niche; Jeff joined Mimecast, a leading email and data security company in 2018, and has since then, spearheaded its Middle East operations. Jeff has taken the role of educating organizations on how they can build a cyber resilience strategy to counter cyberattacks, especially for emails. Under Jeff’s leadership, Mimecast continues to foster a strong and loyal relationship to enrich customer experience and further, ensures that all resellers share a deep knowledge of the company’s technology and services.



Why Startups Should Consider A Cyber Resilience Strategy

The Middle East offers enormous opportunities for startups but as new businesses grow, so does the opportunity for cybercriminals.

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