Lama Abdelbarr

Digital Communications Lead - Middle East & Africa, Talkwalker

Lama Abdelbarr leads on digital communications for Middle East & Africa at Talkwalker.

Talkwalker is a media monitoring and analytics company that empowers over 2,000 brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. Currently, they are the only media monitoring platform that analyzes videos- using Talkwalker, brands can get a 360° dynamic brand view with image, video, and text analysis in one easy-to-use, powerful platform. The platform provides users with access to data across traditional, social, and digital channels globally and covers regional languages, including English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu, and Tagalog. Talkwalker’s proprietary image and video recognition technology gathers 250% more brand mentions than traditional print and online monitoring.

Talkwalker has offices in New York, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and Singapore. It is also the home of Talkwalker Alerts, a free alerting service used by over 500,000 communications and marketing professionals worldwide.



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