Liam Farrell

Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director, Unisono

Liam Farrell is Unisono’s Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director. The branding firm Liam started back in 2006 is the only branding practice in the entire Middle East to be inaugurated into the REBRAND Hall of Fame. Liam is probably the region’s most highly awarded branding designer with a slew of international branding awards from notable creative shows such as REBRAND, Transform, Design & Design and the German Design Council. As well as his awards, Liam’s work regularly features in online branding blogs, design books and archives. Liam is also currently the strategic communications sponsor for EO Bahrain.

Liam graduated with a first class honors degree in design practice from Salford University in Manchester, UK. After a spell in the music industry, Liam entered the design world working for design and online agencies such as Attik in Huddersfield and Amaze in Liverpool and London before starting his own agency Tap. In 2003, Liam moved to Bahrain to take up the Design Director seat at Saatchi and Saatchi, before starting Unisono in 2006.



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