Loretta Ahmed

Founder and CEO, Houbara Communications

Founder and CEO of Houbara Communications, Loretta Ahmed is a public relations, brand reputation, and crisis communications expert with over 30 years of solid experience guiding clients through transformational times. She is experienced in leading multi-channel campaigns, creative thinking, business planning, and nation branding. 
Previously, she was CEO for Grayling’s UK operations before moving to the region to head up Grayling’s MEA business in 2013.  In 2019, she acquired the UAE business to create an 
independent agency, whilst retaining close ties to Grayling’s global network. Houbara Communications now acts as its Middle East affiliate.  During her time with Grayling, Loretta has been the global lead on the Jaguar Land Rover account. Activity spanned corporate PR, CSR, and crisis communications across 28 countries. She also let the corporate communications work for Coca Cola devising programs to leverage their CSR commitments in the areas of recycling and reduction of water use in their production process.  
Loretta has been previously recognized for her “outstanding contribution to the PR industry” by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), and is a former chair of Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) MENA, as well as a former Vice President for the Middle East Region for International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO).  She is now a board member for Global Women in PR MENA, and was recognized by PRCA MENA as the Middle East PR Leader of the Year in 2020. 



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