Majed Al Suwaidi

Managing Director, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City

Majed Al Suwaidi is the Managing Director of Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City.


Growth Strategies

Four Factors That Allowed The UAE To Emerge As The New Frontier For Global Entrepreneurship

Spurred by watershed events in recent human history, the entrepreneurial phenomenon has witnessed a global uptick- and at the forefront of it all is the UAE.

Growth Strategies

Let's Play: Why Dubai Is Well-Positioned To Deliver The MENA Its Own Gaming Industry

Considering that Dubai Economy predicts the GCC's gaming industry to increase from $1.3 billion in 2019 to $4.5 billion in 2025, the opportunities for global and regional game developers is incredible.

Growth Strategies

Why Community Sits At The Heart Of Dubai's Success As A Startup Hub

The country's scope of disruptive startups is growing rapidly, and, in recent years, Dubai's own startup ecosystem has witnessed a significant surge in members, from entrepreneurs to investors alike.

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