Marianna Boguslavsky

Digital Strategist and Owner, Boguslavsky & Co

Marianna Boguslavsky was born in Latvia, studied in South Africa and the U.S., and kicked off her marketing career in London, U.K. She has worked in the digital marketing industry in Cape Town, South Africa and Dubai, UAE and is currently running her own digital consultancy based in the UAE. Boguslavsky has had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries in London, Cape Town & Dubai, ranging from publishing, property, search, e-commerce, retail, automotive, and fundraising. She has worked for corporations, startups, and NGOs, with her work experience spanning over eight years and three continents.



Rebranding Your Startup: The Right Conceptual Development Makes All The Difference

I launched my own business, MB Consultancy, a digital marketing agency in Cape Town, South Africa four years ago. Like many startups, I had done very little consideration of the actual brand identity of my enterprise.

Growth Strategies

Five Hard Lessons I've Picked Up Managing My Own Business

Marianna Boguslavsky, founder of Boguslavsky and Co. talks about the five things that stood out in particular.

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