Matthew Chaban

Strategic Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author

Matthew is the founder of Marketing Masters Consulting. He provides marketing workshops that show consultants & entrepreneurs how to source new clients using his Client Sourcing Process™. Matthew plays drums, advises companies how to grow, and writes regularly about sales and marketing.


Growth Strategies

Customers Aren't Acquired, They're Created

Customers aren't created through a single transaction where they buy a product or service in exchange for money.


Creating A Strong Profit And Loss Performance Within New Industries

How to create a strong profit and loss performance within newly targeted industries or regions.

Social Media

How Social Media Levels the Marketing Playing Field

The more we know about our ideal prospective customer, the better we will be able to identify them amongst our social media following- and that essentially means more new customers we can acquire for little or no cost.


Marketing 2.0: How To Make Your Marketing More Effective

A new approach to marketing effectiveness can help your business to thrive instead of survive in a modern marketing 2.0 world.


Getting The Word Out: A Guide To Marketing Your Business' New Product Or Service

Small business owners should think of marketing as reputation building that attracts new clients.

Growth Strategies

How To Sell More (And Better) Using A Two-Step Dance

Do you find that you or your team are spending far too much time chasing down prospective customers who look promising, but barely respond?

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