Neeti Tandon Kashyap

Neeti Tandon Kashyap is the founder of Curate Executive Search and Curate Home, two companies that have made their mark in the business and lifestyle industries.

Based in Dubai, Neeti has established herself as an independent business owner in the region's community. Neeti completed her undergraduate studies in economics from the University of Delhi, India, and later pursued a postgraduate diploma in business operations and design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. After gaining hands-on experience in the textile and apparel manufacturing sector, Neeti decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, which led to the creation of Curate Executive Search and Curate Home.

Curate Executive Search is a recruitment agency that specializes in sourcing talent for companies in the region. Under Neeti's leadership, the company has established itself as a reliable and efficient recruitment partner for some of the leading brands in the industry across sectors and verticals. The company has offices in Dubai and has been recognized for its exceptional service by industry insiders and clients alike.

Curate Home is another venture founded by Neeti that offers artisanal home décor for retail and the design and hospitality sector. The company collaborates with top-tier interior designers and brands to provide sustainable, high-quality furnishings, accessories, and bespoke services to clients who seek an exclusive and unique lifestyle where each product tells a story.

Apart from her professional achievements, Neeti is also actively involved in various initiatives to support artisans and craftspeople. She has supported organizations that work towards providing education and empowering women in India and the Middle East. Neeti hopes to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams, and make a positive impact in the world.


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