Petra Velzeboer

Petra Velzeboer is the founder and CEO of mental health consultancy, PVL. Her career spans working on young people’s mental health, learning, and development as a psychotherapist in private practice, and as a clinical director of an employee assistance program. She has a master’s in Psychodynamics of Human Development from Birkbeck.

Petra has hosted several podcasts, including the Spotify Original: Killing it – Adventures in Startups and Mental Health, and interviewed the likes of Liam Payne, Biig Piig, Lapsley and Gary Lightbody for a season focusing on mental health in the music industry. She also sits on the advisory board for Mad World Summits, and her first book, How to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace – NOW! is due 2023.



Real Talk: Quiet Quitting Is About More Than Bad Work Environments

Quiet quitting is one of the latest trends to arise in conversations around careers, and though it can be a symptom of a toxic or disconnected workplace, it's also a consequence of a workforce far more concerned with achieving balance.

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