Prashant K. Gulati (PK)

Entrepreneur and angel investor

Prashant K. Gulati (popularly known as PK) is an entrepreneur, idea accelerator, angel investor, mentor, and writer with interests in innovation, startups, entrepreneurship, technology, mobility, wireless, intelligent buildings, online media, and more.

In addition to serving on boards of several startups and community initiatives, PK is an active angel and early-stage investor with a nose for fresh ideas. He is a mentor, providing guidance and advice to founders at various levels. He has been associated with a large number of successful startups and has an active portfolio in the US, Middle East, and India.

PK has also been an influencer in the technology community in the Middle East, Silicon Valley, as well as the Indian subcontinent. He is well connected with technology leaders and influencers of the region, and he is a respected voice and a trend spotter for leading edge technological innovation.

A post-graduate with Honors in Computer Science and Management, PK has been residing in Dubai for more than 20 years.



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