Rachel Boyce

Founder, English Language Lab

Rachel Boyce is the founder of the English Language Lab where she is a full time and professional teacher, while also working with other notable online language learning platforms. In addition, she is an online educational consultant, specializing in synchronized computer mediated communication, with an extensive background in business, training and coaching.

Originally from Northamptonshire, UK, and qualified with a degree in teaching and education from the Manchester Metropolitan University and with a Master’s in English Language Teaching from the University of Southampton, Boyce lives in Abruzzo, Italy, and is committed teaching in its many forms, in both corporate and non-corporate fields, and with learners from around the world, including a few MENA countries.


Growth Strategies

Going International: The Allure Of English For Entrepreneurs

What effect will your English skills have on your chances, with today's social media promotions, blogging, international client lists, conventions, exhibitions, launches and the like?

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