Rosa Bullock

Founder, Sociate

A vibrant, dedicated, and self-motivated individual, Rosa Bullock moved to Dubai in 2013 with the vision of making it big in the city. She was determined to not let any small or big hiccups get in her way. With experience in UAE and UK based marketing and public relations, Rosa decided to invest her expertise into opening her own company– SOCIATE LLC. With immense dedication, it has become an agency that brands want to be associated with and is gaining popularity within the region as well as internationally.

With a BA in Fashion Management and Marketing, Rosa has worked within a broad spectrum of industries and has adapted to many roles over the past years including modelling, promotions, product management, marketing manager and public relations manager. She is also very proud of being associated with some top brands within Dubai and the UK including Mulberry, River Island, Grazia, Tribeca, and Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities (a cause very close to her heart).


Starting a Business

The Perfect Business Model Is The Tailored Business Model

The secret to my success is a tailored business model.


The How-To: Harnessing The Power Of Public Relations

Before delving into what public relations is, here are three things it is not. PR is not advertising. PR is not a copy-paste job. PR is not spin.

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