Sarah Trad

Co-Founder, Closed Captions Communications

Sarah Trad is a journalist and the former Editor-in-Chief of tech and business newsletter, Step Feed. She’s curious about the littlest things in life and has nurtured an intimate relationship with words, which brought her to co-found newly launched branding studio, Closed Captions Communications, with her brother, Serge



Social Media

Brand Palettes In Tech Are Going Back To Black (Blue Ain't Cutting It No More)

In a digital world circling around the myriad intensities of black, the hues of success are found in mindful branding.

Growth Strategies

How To Ruin Your Brand (Basically, This Is What You Don't Want To Do With Your Business)

A cohesively, well-marketed mediocre product is more profitable than an obscure brilliant one- that's just the way it is.

Starting a Business

Siblings As Business Partners: The Co-Founders Of Dubai-Based Closed Captions Communications Explain How To Make It Work

Long story short, it's not all about the money, nor is it solely about family- instead, there needs to be a funambulist balance created between those who choose to go down this route.

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