Shanu S. P. Hinduja

Chair of Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, and Co-Chair of the United Nations Global Accelerator

A senior member of the Hinduja family, Shanu S. P. Hinduja is Chair of Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, and Co-Chair of the United Nations Global Accelerator. She is a respected speaker on the world’s most pressing issues, having notably addressed the leaders of more than 130 countries at the UN General Assembly, and publicly discussed achievement of the UN’s gender equality goals with former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos.


News and Trends

Sustainable Aid: Why The Fight Against Coronavirus Must Include Developing Nations

Developing skills in farming and a move towards self-sufficiency in domestic food production must be at the center of every country's plan for a sustainable recovery.

Growth Strategies

Polling The Success Of Women In The UAE

"As Chair of Hinduja Bank, and through its subsidiary, Hinduja Bank Middle East, I have seen first-hand the improvements that can be made when businesses give women a greater role. I have been inspired by the efforts made in the Emirates."

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