Stuart Hearn

Founder, Clear Review

Stuart Hearn has twenty years of experience in the HR sector. He co-founded plusHR, a leading UK HR consultancy, and previously worked as International HR Director for Sony Music Publishing. Stuart is currently CEO of Clear Review, an innovative performance management software system.


Growth Strategies

Understanding The Growth Mindset

Clear Review's CEO and co-founder explores what exactly the growth mindset is, and its role when it comes to performance management at your startup.


Ditch Annual Appraisals: Continuous Performance Management Is The Way Forward

It appears that HR executives, CEOs, and managers the world over have come to realize that in order for performance management to be effective, it needs to be continuous and agile.

Growth Strategies

The Modern Challenges Of Managing Remote Performance

Telecommuting is becoming readily accepted worldwide, but despite its many advantages, there are inherent challenges that management must face head-on.

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