Tariq Chauhan

Group CEO, EFS Facilities Services Group

Tariq Chauhan is a Harvard Business School alumnus and a professional entrepreneur, with over 26 years of diverse experience in international banking, technology and asset management, real estate and a track record of building and establishing companies across the GCC, USA, UK and Asia. Since 2010, Tariq has been at the helm of EFS Facilities Services Group, leading as the Group Chief Executive Officer and as a member of EFS’ Board of Directors. Tariq has led the evolution of EFS Facilities Services’ business portfolio and spearheaded the company’s expansion into 23 markets across MENA, Turkey and South Asia, and supervised the growth of its workforce to more than 12,000 professionals globally.



Leading By Example: Altruism Must Not Just Be Professed, But Practiced

An excerpt from "Getting to Resilient Mode," a book written by Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO of EFS Facilities Services Group.

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