Vlad Kreinin

Marketing expert, former journalist, and author

Vlad Kreinin is a marketing expert, former journalist, and author.

Vlad received a degree in journalism from St. Petersburg University in Russia. He also studied strategic consulting for corporate communications at Juan Carlos University and financial management at ESERP Business School, both in Madrid. He has undergone an executive program at Imperial College London as well.

Vlad has worked as a journalist at various television channels in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2008, he published a book called End Of Utopia: Rise And Fall Of The Financial Pyramid. Vlad started his career in marketing at Russian search engine, Rambler. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded two companies, CoChanges Inc. and KnockApp Inc., where he was CEO. He’s been working in banking since 2015, and he is today the head of marketing and communications for a bank.



Metanomics: How Generation W Will Create A Virtual Market Worth US$5 Trillion

By the end of the current decade, growth in services relating to metaverses and the sale of virtual goods will outpace everything else, taking an aggregate market share of 82% by 2030.

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