What Investors Look For When Evaluating Your Pitch: Fadi Ghandour

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When evaluating a pitch, here is what Fadi Ghandour looks for in your business model. Some of the investors we featured look at early-stage and even ideation, others only consider large-scale models. At the core of the matter is that a pitch is a pitch, and you'll notice that these investors all mention a few essential points... like how much drive and motivation you and your co-founders have to make your business work. Does your enterprise have what (and who) it takes to secure funds?


"1. THE ENTREPRENEUR AND HIS TEAM. Team with a capital T; passion, character, knowledge.

2. THE MARKET that is being addressed, and who is the client? How do you intend to get traction?

3. WHY you?

4. WHAT do they want from me other than money?

5. HOW are they going to scale the business outside their comfort zone market?"