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Eight Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs To Develop For Business (And For Life) The entrepreneurial spirit is not a gift bestowed on a small percentage of the population.

By Helen Al Uzaizi

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The entrepreneurial spirit is not a gift bestowed on a small percentage of the population. On the contrary, we at BizWorld UAE believe everyone is born an entrepreneur- they just need to develop certain skills and behaviors at an early age to truly grow into truly successful and effective entrepreneurs. These behaviors not only define a successful entrepreneur, but can also be applied to any career path, develop leadership capabilities, and shape individuals who are engaged in their community. To make the most of these skills, they must be nurtured at a young age to realistically shape future entrepreneurs. Here are eight such traits that one needs to develop for business (and for life):

1. Learning from failure and getting back up

Just saying the word "failure" brings about a creeping sense of dread, yet it plays an important role in the entrepreneurship journey. Failure can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you fail once, get stuck in that mindset, and never try again, then you will never climb out of the pit. Or you can choose to look at failure as a valuable lesson, an experience where you learn, move on, and grow. By developing a resilient constitution, entrepreneurs will be more likely to overcome setbacks and have the determination to get back up and keep moving forward.

2. Ingenuity, creativity, and critical thinking

The difference between an entrepreneur that is just getting by and one who is thriving is a creative drive and an innovative approach to solving problems. Developing this skill can start at early childhood; kids can develop these skills by learning to experiment and through activities that allow them to express themselves creatively. Nurturing ingenuity and creativity is a fun investment that can pay off greatly in the future.

3. Dedication and commitment to productivity

Developing a sense of responsibility to accomplish tasks will help you in all stages of life, from finishing homework at school all the way through to a professional setting. By starting early and developing a sense of accountability, you essentially create a habit and become addicted to the feeling of accomplishment.

4. Curiosity and an appetite for knowledge

Curiosity can be a great driving force for entrepreneurs. A constant appetite for learning and knowledge can put you on a path of continuous self-development and growth. Developing this skill starts at childhood, by encouraging children to pick up new hobbies, pursue their interest, and explore the world around them.

5. Confidence and conviction

It takes a lot of confidence to start a business, and it takes even greater confidence to persuade potential clients and ultimately grow your business. Believing in your abilities and your idea is essential during the entrepreneurship journey, but this doesn't happen overnight. This skill needs nurturing. It can be done by encouraging children to believe in themselves and their abilities. It will help them grow up to be individuals with conviction and the ability to communicate their ideas and point of view to others.

6. Compassion and emotional intelligence

Empathy is as crucial for a progressive society as it is for entrepreneurs working with a team. This goes beyond relating to others' emotions, but working with others to help accomplish their goals and aspirations. Parents can set an example for their children by showing them what it means to listen to others, support those around them, and why it is so important to do so.

7. Positivity and optimism

Entrepreneurs are often told that they need to surround themselves with positive people, but equally important, they need to be positive to succeed. Having a negative outlook can drain one's energy and alienate people, hurting personal and professional prospects. Children aren't born pessimistic, it's a learned trait, and so is optimism. That's why optimism needs to be nurtured at an early age so they can be positive about their abilities and their future prospects.

8. Engaging the community

Entrepreneurs experience loneliness, sometimes amplified by the stress of their daily lives. The best cure for loneliness is helping others because it provides a deep sense of fulfillment and belonging to the community. In addition, by becoming involved in the community you gain new perspectives and further boost your self-esteem. Children, by learning that they can make a difference in their immediate community, will develop an understanding to the challenges our society faces. By participating in activities like cleanups or food drives, they'll continue on this path of community engagement in the future.

Nurturing these skills in children today can create more capable and effective entrepreneurs, leaders, and responsible citizens. While the BizWorld programs focus on the practical aspects of entrepreneurship, we place equal emphasis on developing these skills that help the entrepreneurial spirit truly shine.

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Helen Al Uzaizi

CEO, BizWorld Middle East, and founder, Future Entrepreneurs

Helen Al-Uzaizi is the CEO of BizWorld Middle East, the region's leading entrepreneurship program for kids. She is also the founder of Future Entrepreneurs, an entrepreneurship education platform for the MENA region.

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