Helen Al Uzaizi

CEO, BizWorld Middle East, and founder, Future Entrepreneurs

Helen Al-Uzaizi is the CEO of BizWorld Middle East, the region's leading entrepreneurship program for kids. She is also the founder of Future Entrepreneurs, an entrepreneurship education platform for the MENA region.



Here's How We Should Prepare Our Youth For The Economy Of The Future

As more studies, research, and technology applications emerge, education systems worldwide must be flexible and dynamic to respond effectively.

Growth Strategies

Looking for Business Role Models? Be Wary Of Celebrity CEOs

With social media, where our youth spend most of their time, the loudest voices, or the most popular ones, are not always the best examples to follow.

Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship Education Is Key To The Success Of MENA Economies

Today's youth is more connected than ever, and they will be entering an increasingly shifting economy that our education system needs to prepare them for proactively.

Growth Strategies

Starting Young: Developing A Culture Of Entrepreneurship

It is never too early to start nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, and there are various approaches to foster its development.

Starting a Business

Three Reasons Why It's Good To Teach Entrepreneurial Thinking At A Young Age

Teaching entrepreneurial thinking at a young age can help kids learn and hone valuable skills that they can use to cope with stress and unforeseen issues that arise in their ever-changing world.

Starting a Business

Enterprising Children Need To Learn To See The World Differently

What you need to remember when raising entrepreneurially-minded kids.

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