Emirati Parkour Athlete And Instructor Amal Murad On Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone To Impact Society

Being one of the first practitioner in the region, Murad explains what drives her forward, as well as the pivotal point of choosing to pursue it full time.

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Emirates NBD e7 Daughters of the Emirates, a nation-wide program by Promise of a Generation (POAG) welcomed its 2018 batch, kicking off with a panel discussion on women leadership and entrepreneurship. With an aim to train and mentor young women to become future leaders, 35 women aged 18-25 years will be developing sustainable projects that will benefit society, and is aligned to the core pillars of UAE's Year of Giving initiative- that is, elevating corporate social responsibility, volunteering, and benefitting the nation. Under this year's theme of "Women are Partners in Giving,' its inaugural event welcomed prominent UAE female leaders and mentors such as Lubna Qassim, Executive Vice President, Group General Counsel of Emirates NBD, and Amal Murad, first Emirati parkour athlete and coach.

In this episode of #EntMETalks, at this year's launch of the e7 program, Amal Murad discusses the challenges that comes with striving towards a career in parkour, a discipline involving going from one point to another in various environments, without the use of assistive equipment in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Being one of the first practitioner in the region, Murad explains what drives her forward, as well as the pivotal point of choosing to pursue it full time. She also hopes to drive the practice locally, regionally and internationally, "I want people from outside to see that women here are hard workers, and we get things done, and we work just as hard- we're game-changers." Need that extra push to go beyond your personal and professional boundaries? Murad advises to persevere, look beyond people's acceptance, and instead, reflect on your goals and how it can correlate to others and positively impact your society.

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