Five Mindset Hacks To Growing Success Here are five ways you can pave the way for your own success in whatever you set out to achieve.

By Tasnim Nazeer

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H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Al Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai once said: "Determination, strategy and vision for the future are our real resources in the quest for excellence and success." This statement is something that entrepreneurs should take to heart- if you want to grow success, you need to have the right frame of mind that is coupled with commitment and a vision you can further excel. Many successful entrepreneurs have grown their business and projects exponentially due to implementing effective mindset hacks that enable them to achieve whatever they put their mind to. Here are five ways you can pave the way for your own success in whatever you set out to achieve:

1. Positive self-belief Believing in yourself cannot be understated, as it has the power to accelerate your productivity in whatever you choose to do. If you feel negative about your abilities to progress, then this will likely hinder your confidence, make you nervous, and sometimes make you even just give up. People who adopt a positive mindset can see better results in the quality of their work, as well as make more progress in achieving their set goals in comparison to those who feel incapable and low. Try to think with a positive frame of mind, start working on that, and then see the difference that it makes.

2. Take risks One of the differences between many successful entrepreneurs and those who are still waiting to achieve success is in their abilities to take risks. You need to be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things, innovate and work towards creating something of value. If you are not prepared to implement new ideas, or to jump into a project 100%, then you cannot expect success to come easily. Almost every single entrepreneur and lucrative businessmen I have met have all taken risks at some point of their lives. In order to achieve great things, you need to be able to be ready to take risks and put your fears aside.

3. Commit to set goals We all make goals that we want to achieve and often create a timeline for it such as in one year I want to achieve $100,000 or in one month I want to make my first sale. Whatever your goal is you need to be able to commit in order to reach success. You cannot work proactively in achieving anything without creating set goals and dedicating time to take the action necessary to accomplish them. If you want to achieve real success, write down a list of your goals, work out the actions needed to achieve them and start working on dedicating your time to realise your goals and further spur success of your business or project.

4. Prepare yourself to handle setbacks In almost every business or project, it is inevitable that, at some point, you may run into complications or challenges. If you are unprepared and you think that everything will run smoothly. only to be knocked back by investors or have an obstacle in your way, then you may run yourself into a rut. Preparing your mind by being aware that there may be setbacks, and positively affirming to handle them, can help you in progressing and overcoming challenges.

5. Implement forward thinking In this day and age, when many industries and businesses are facing a competitive landscape, it is imperative that we hack into forward thinking and planning ahead for the future. You need to able to develop a vision, and start thinking how you can lay the foundations to work towards your vision. Entrepreneurs without a clear vision, or who cannot think ahead and only think of the present situation that they are in, are less likely to achieve success than those who can see their billion-dollar company taking shape. Write down what you want for the future of your business, and create a mind map of what your life would be like if you achieved it. This mind map will work as motivation to gain success, and make your vision a reality.

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Tasnim Nazeer

Journalist, author, and UN Universal Peace Federation Ambassador.

Tasnim Nazeer is an award-winning journalist, author, and UN Universal Peace Federation Ambassador. She has written for The Huffington Post, CNN, BBC, and others. She was awarded the Ibn Battuta Award for Excellence in Media in 2013 for writing on a range of topics from business and entrepreneurship to human rights and world news.

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