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Seven Ways To Consistently Get New, Ready-To-Buy Leads Creating strong partnerships is one of the most effective ways to secure the future of your business.

By Simone Vincenzi

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If you find yourself stuck with the same old audience, your clients will dwindle away due to boredom, and, you won't entice any new ones. So, how do you grow your audience and generate new leads? In this article, I am going to explore seven ways that will help you get new, fresh, hot leads, that are ready-to-buy from you.

1. Build in-person relationships
There is nothing that beats the old school way of building in-person relationships. By expanding and regularly connecting with your network, you will stay fresh in their minds and be able to get referrals.

However, building in-person relationships is also the most time consuming of all the marketing activities, only network with the people that you know can connect you with your ideal clients and keep following up with them. If you see they are transactional from the first meeting, then they will bring this way also in your future partnership.

It's good practice to ask your existing network to make relevant introductions, so you don't waste time attending countless networking events. Stay away from individuals that are not interested in building a relationship with you.

2. Sponsor conferences
One of the most effective ways to get ultra qualified leads is to sponsor conferences and events that are relevant to your target audience. This is by far the most profitable strategy that I have experienced in my business, it has helped me to generate more than seven figures in revenues.

The reason events and conferences will give you the highest ROI is that the audience is already committed to learning about a specific topic. By having a strong presence during the event, you are not interrupting someone's attention, you are simply aligning your product or service to what is already in the audience's minds.

You will reap even better results if you deliver a presentation, demo, or workshop from the main stage of the conference because nothing builds more authority, credibility and influence than that. Follow your talk up with a strong call to action and an irresistible offer, and you will see buyers lining up at your table ready to buy.

3. Interact on Facebook Groups
Facebook is investing in many new resources to get their users to interact via Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups have the power, just like a live event, to bring together people interested in the same topic. By interacting, adding value, and resources to Facebook Groups relevant to your target audience, you will be able to win the trust of the group members and become the go-to person or product for what they are looking for.

It is essential to start the interaction in Facebook Groups with the aim of adding value and building relationships. No one likes spam. Once you have built enough authority in the group, then connect with the group organizer and ask them to promote your product or service.

Remember: An endorsement from someone in a leadership position is always worth more than a cold pitch.

4. Use Facebook Ads
The cheapest way to market online is still running Facebook Ads. Even though the pricing and competition are increasing day by day, it is still a very cost-effective way to get your offers in front of the right audience. The targeting options are incredibly advanced, and the algorithm optimizes the ad the more data it gathers.

Be aware that is easy to waste money if you don't know what you are doing. I wasted more than £20k before finally cracking the code. Recent studies show that the average conversion with Facebook ads happens after 43 days from the exposure to the first ad. It often takes multiple touch points to turn the person that is aware, into a buyer.

Treat Facebook Ads as a long-term strategy, or you will become disillusioned by the early results. Don't rely on one single ad, use a combination of ads that will build relationship and authority with your audience, use ads that are specifically designed to turn the lead into a buyer.

5. Create joint ventures (JVs)
Joint Ventures are, to this day, one of the most powerful and under-utilized tools to get clients both on and offline. Large corporations are great at creating partnerships, but small businesses don't often spend the necessary time to develop strong JVs. To create a powerful JVs, you need to create a win-win situation between you and your partners.

Find a company or service provider that offers a complimentary service to yours and create a revenue share deal with that company in exchange for a promotional campaign to their existing clients. You can then offer to return the favor if their product is relevant to your audience too. Creating strong partnerships is one of the most effective ways to secure the future of your business.

6. Reach out to your existing customers
Your existing customers are your best customers. Regularly offer new services or affiliate products to your existing clients. In this way, you will be able to increase your revenue per client without any additional marketing cost. However, don't overdo it, or your clients will stop opening your email and texts and they will ultimately unsubscribe!

7. Get booked on podcasts
A podcast is an audio recording designed with a specific message, for an audience interested in a particular topic. Podcasts are an excellent tool for building relationships with people in the same field- other influencers, by inviting you onto their podcasts, can introduce and expose you to their lists and audience. The voice of the host remains ringing in the audiences' ears for about 20, 30 minutes after the podcast has ended and if the message is particularly powerful, it can be an hour. Imagine the level of relationship and connectivity the external influencer has with their audience. Then imagine the level of influence you could have with the same audience when he /she introduces you.

The best way to get to speak on external podcasts is to search for the podcasts related to your area of expertise and look for the most influential podcasters on the variety of available platforms. This include iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or Google Play, you can choose by preference. Once you have searched and gotten the list of relevant podcasts, listen to those that you think will have a broader audience.

Check out the influencer hosting the podcast and contact them through email to establish a connection. Talk to them about different aspects of their podcasts before requesting an invite to their next podcast session. Tell them that you loved their podcast and ask how they select their speakers. This is to create rapport and make it easy to ask for an invite.

Now for the challenge, pick one and implement it. Remember: without implementation, nothing will happen.

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Simone Vincenzi

Co-founder of GTeX

Simone Vincenzi, known as The Experts Strategist, is the co-founder of GTeX, Forbes and Huffington Post contributor, TEDx speaker, host of the podcast Explode Your Expert Business, author of 3 life-changing books. He is passionate about turning experts into authorities using his signature EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ programs. Every year he speaks in front of more than 5,000 business leaders, which included sharing the stage with Les Brown, Dr John DeMartini, Trent Shelton and many more.

He has also organized over 170 events, including Gary Vee speaking from York Hall boxing ring. Following his passion for making an impact on the younger generation, he also partners with the largest youth organizations in the UK, helping them deliver more effective courses and training.

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