Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2017: Jazia Al Dhanhani

Jazia Al Dhanhani, the DDFC's CEO, is proving that women are leading the workforce in many important industries.

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Gaining a wealth of experience at some of the most reputable companies in the UAE, including Smart-City, Emaar Properties, and Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Jazia Al Dhanhani joined the Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) team to raise the profile of Dubai as a regional and global destination for design and fashion. Serving as the CEO, she's spearheading several of DDFC's key initiatives, proving that women in the region are leading the workforce in many important industries.

What skills do today's working women need to get noticed and excel in the workforce?
"The skills I would say any woman needs in the workplace are having confidence in the capabilities they can offer, an open mind to help them overcome and conquer any challenges that they are faced with, and finally, a curiosity that allows them to continuously ask questions. Not only should this help them grow, but it should allow them to attain the skills to always think ahead."

What are the most common problems of today's working women living in this region?
"Women in this region are excelling at building and joining the workforce, but I think there is still an inherent fear that their careers may impact their personal decisions and lives, and vice versa. I think one way of finding and sustaining a positive work-life balance is through a strong support system that encourages growth in the both personal and professional aspects of your life."

What is your advice for UAE-based women on how to achieve their goals in 2017?
"My key piece of advice would be to stay focused and be persistent despite the constant challenges you will face. By ensuring you apply achievable and measurable actions, you will be able to reach your goals, pausing to assess your suc-cesses and learnings along the way. I would also say that it's not always about the end goal but all the successes (or tribulations) that happen along the way that will make you stronger."

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Tamara Pupic

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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