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Me Time: Rixos The Palm's Wellness Drive Program We review a special mind-body detox program at the Rixos The Palm Dubai.

By Tamara Pupic

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Rixos The Palm Dubai

Making it as an entrepreneur requires more than just having a good team and hitting the sales targets because, simply put, it also requires plenty of self-care.

Yet, Dr. Smita Prabhakar, the founder of Auracle Wellness and the Wellness Director at the Rixos The Palm Dubai, says that most entrepreneurs seeking her services suffer from issues ranging from stress, to never being able to switch off, or to having their professional life overstep their private one, therefore affecting their relationships with their loved ones, with added financial stresses that are often tied up to the continued added performance pressure in a very competitive world. For that reason, Rixos The Palm Dubai has continued its Wellness Drive Program into 2019, focusing on promoting emotional health and positive energy amongst its guests and external visitors with three main activities – Wellness Consultation & Chakra Balancing Therapy, The Miracle Zen Grass Walk and Meditation Session – all designed to achieve full control over stress and personal energy levels. My wellness experience at the Rixos The Palm Dubai included a hi-tech chakra analysis to evaluate my stress index and body energy blockages, almost an hour-long meditation and healing session, and consultations on how to maintain a clean energy field – all performed by Dr. Prabhakar. What followed was a feeling of being lighter, sleeping well that night (which is something I and many who spend hours in front of the computer screen often quietly struggle with) and being told that I looked clearer and brighter for days after.

Dr. Prabhakar explains that clients mainly need help to unclutter their minds, make the right decisions, and maintain cordial relationships, both professionally and privately. However, this serene state is jeopardized by everyday stressful situations causing people to naturally shift towards negative feelings which, in turn, affects their productivity and leads to bad decisions. Dr. Prabhakar has more than 18 years of experience in the world of energy science, holistic philosophy, knowledge of alternative therapies, energy balancing techniques, music therapy, and new age mindfulness techniques.

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However, she is a serial entrepreneur herself, having founded a couple of UAE-based businesses, namely Client Advertising, which helped organize the Emirates Businesswomen's Awards; Lazer Capital, where she is part of a management team leading projects in infrastructure, real estate and construction; Apsons International, a trading company, and now Auracle Wellness. "As a serial entrepreneur, the main lesson I have learnt is to have the right team who needs to be aligned with your values and ethics," she says. "I am very careful in choosing the right person for the right job, and helping them to grow individually, more than just thinking about what they are going to contribute towards the business. Advertising is a creative space where I am very much involved in the business, right from the briefing, concept stage, to the production and execution. Post this, I make sure that the quality is maintained in the highest standard before it gets in to the clients' hands. With the rest of the business, I have created and nurtured my teams and only macro manage now. I am now dedicating my efforts towards Auracle Wellness, as I feel it is my soul's purpose to help people change to a positive space and reach their highest potential through an exclusive personalized blue print, modalities and practices which I have developed via years of practices and have gained though my entrepreneurial and wellness space journey."

Dr. Smita Prabhakar, the founder of Auracle Wellness and the Wellness Director at the Rixos The Palm Dubai.
Source: Rixos The Palm Dubai

Dr. Prabhakar also served as the secretary-general of the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) and, interestingly, after studies and training in Hollywood, she worked in two movie productions - Notebook and Chota Mumbai - as assistant and associate director. "By also being an investor, a designer, a film maker, a song-writer and a musician, I have tapped into my creative potential and tried very hard to do justice to it. In my work space however, I have also not forgotten to pursue my passion and interests and was lucky to be able to bring them together, which helped me to feel more fulfilled in my work, but also contributed towards my income. My advice would be to follow your heart and give whatever you do 1000%."

Book your session with Dr. Prabhakar at the Chakra Analysis space at the Rixos The Palm Dubai, or try a variety of their other activities.

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Tamara Pupic

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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