Ulysse Nardin's Matthieu Haverlan On How The Swiss Luxury Watch Brand Helps You Make A Statement Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, JD.com founder Liu Qiangdong, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah- they have all sported a Ulysse Nardin watch on their wrists at one point in time or the other.

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. JD.com founder Liu Qiangdong. Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah. Besides the fact that all three of them are globally famous personalities in their own right, there's another common characteristic that these charismatic men share- they have all sported a Ulysse Nardin watch on their wrists at one point in time or the other. And these three icons, according to Ulysse Nardin Chief Commercial Officer Matthieu Haverlan, are a good representation of not just the type of clientele his enterprise caters to, but also the message they send when they're wearing a Ulysse Nardin timepiece. "All those people- they don't have to prove who they are, because they know who they are," said Haverlan, in a chat with Entrepreneur Middle East. "They are true to who they are, they know their values, they are driven. And this is what is really the characteristic of our clients- if you want to be different, if you want to assume what you like, and be proud of what you wear, Ulysse Nardin is a perfect fit."

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