Animation For Business: Using Motion Graphics To Communicate Effectively

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Animated infographics are no gimmick. Like their static siblings, they're here to stay. That's because animation is a great way to get across lots of data or information that you can't show in a single static infographic.

And don't think that just because it's animation that the topic has to be light-hearted. I've seen impactful, fantastic motion infographics about gender inequality, the US population and the slave trade.

Animation can be used for whatever point you want to make, and the ones we've made have certainly been varied. Here are some great scenarios where motion graphics are perfect:

1. When you want to tell a story This video features on our homepage at and explains why we care so much about data visualization. It's short, simple and has a lot of information that's important to us and our brand. These kind of storytelling motion graphics are great for telling people about you, your brand and your vision.

2. When you have a unique project This animation is a step by step guide for refugees applying for scholarship programmes. Again, like the examples above, a great display of putting animation and a serious topic together. This kind of motion graphic is perfect for pitches or explaining complicated processes. By taking people through things one step at a time, you simplify them and make them much more accessible and convincing.

3. To get people talking on social media

Everyone's looking for a way to make their content stand out on social media. Branded social content that people can share is a big winner for brands, and video infographics are always super-shareable. This is a video we made about love around the world on Valentine's Day, designed to be shared on social media.

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