Strictly Business: du's Clinton Haswell Prioritizes The SME Customer du is proving just how serious they are in reining in the UAE's SME and enterprise segment by upping the ante with their newly launched Business Mobile Plan.

By Fida Chaaban

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Amr El Bahkiry, du Vice President, SME Sales and Clinton Haswell, du Vice President SME Marketing at a press conference in Dubai, UAE.

One way to make sure your clients really feel like your service offering is on par with their needs is to create a program that allows them to choose the features or options that they need, rather than presenting a one-size-fits-all model. Increasingly, large companies are seeing the need for a more tailored approach, and while it is care intensive, it may just give you an always-welcome competitive edge.

In the UAE, du is proving just how serious they are in reining in the SME and enterprise segment by upping the ante with their newly launched Business Mobile Plan, and it's all about selecting options that your company needs. Comprising of "a suite of five plans depending on the needs of the clients, the new plans come bundled with a host of benefits for business customers such as free calls within their company, included data, national and international voice, SMS and devices, at zero upfront cost– thus adding more value to their business. Additional add-ons include the national data bundle, extra-national calling, SMS bundles and more," says Vice President of SME Marketing at du, Clinton Haswell.

Clinton Haswell, Vice President of SME Marketing at du. Image credit: du

du's drive is "to become the partner of choice for SMEs in the UAE," and with extensive experience across four continents, Haswell seems a likely fit for the telco's new customer-centric direction. "SME is a rapidly expanding segment, and we are targeting this significant growth by simplifying our processes." That simplification is just one mark of the aggressive new strategy to not just attract fresh enterprise clients, but to retain existing ones. "We are constantly striving to enhance our customer experience decreasing any hassle that might accompany the business processes; hence, enabling our SME clientele to enhance their performance and productivity, while reducing costs among other benefits," he adds.

In case you haven't been watching carefully, even their communication strategy has changed; du's new campaigns focusing on business clientele have a sleek look and the messages are straightforward in line with the "Simplify" strategy launched earlier this year. "SME customers want simplicity in the offered plans to make the best use of their investments and achieve maximum productivity and top performance. Flexibility to tailor solutions is also a major factor for meeting business requirements, taking into consideration the ever-evolving and varying needs of this segment. Finally, offering best of breed services remains a vital factor in which we meet customer expectations as a business." Haswell says that based on his experience, SMEs globally field the same types of concerns: "cost reduction, security, knowledge and awareness, need for advisory services, and rapidly changing market variables," and that du's priority is to readily (and seamlessly) meet those needs and more.

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