From Web To Wall: Inkopia Delivers Bespoke Photography And Art To Interiors Across The UAE

Customers get to choose the size and format they want, and they also have the option to select a frame for their piece- and they can do all of this from the comfort of their homes.

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Have you ever looked at a blank wall in your home or office, and wished you had some photography or art hanging on it?

Dinig Room Photography Frames By Inkopia

However, turning that thought into reality in the UAE is often difficult, be it because of the high costs being charged by suppliers and retailers for such décor, or even just the hassle involved in actually installing it. This is the problem being tackled by Dubai-based startup Inkopia, which aims to provide an end-to-end service for people wanting to jazz up their walls.

All they need to do is head on to the Inkopia website, where they can purchase from a wide selection of photography, or upload their own imagery or artwork, and then create a bespoke product with that particular print. Customers get to choose the size and format they want, and they also have the option to select a frame for their piece- and they can do all of this from the comfort of their homes.

Image courtesy: Inkopia

Inkopia would then deliver the product, and if required, install it as well- this is why co-founder and Director Jenny Moore calls her online platform's offering a "web-to-wall" service. "We have had a great response from individual customers across residential communities, online interior groups, and commercial entities," Moore says. "The feedback has been positive in celebrating that finally, there is a service offering everything in one place. Now, customers do not need to find a printer, source a framer, and hire a handyman to hang their wall art. We help cut down on sourcing, travel time, and back and forth [communication] with three or four other vendors. Instead, we do the hard work by offering these options all in one place on Inkopia."

Jenny Moore, co-founder and director, Inkopia. Image courtesy: Inkopia

With the business now off to a good start, Moore says plans are underway for its further growth and development- besides building on the photography library the Inkopia site currently offers, she and her team are looking to expand the company not just in the UAE, but in neighboring nations as well. Onward and upward!

'TREP TALK: Inkopia co-founder Jenny Moore on how to spark a great idea

1. Dig deep "Great ideas for new businesses tend to be borne out of a deep understanding of a subject or industry, or frustration with not finding a product or service that caters to a specific need. Then you're able to see a gap in the market, a solution to a particular problem, and plant the seed for a potential new business idea."

2. Look inward "I think many companies should maximize the opportunities they have internally. Employees are usually an untapped source of innovation and invention. They know how the business works, understand the processes and mechanisms, and undoubtedly have ideas for how to improve, automate, and be creative in a way that's relevant to the business, its customers, and the industry as a whole. When management is open to suggestions from internal individuals and can be open to change based on the output of brainstorming sessions, this can spark endless "great ideas'.

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