Microsoft's New Dictate App Lets You Write With Your Voice

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Let's be honest, anyone who has had a long essay to write, an interview to transcribe, or any other typing need, has wished that at some point they could just use their voice. And now they can, thanks to Microsoft's Dictate.

More an add-on as opposed to a standalone app, Dictate will allow users to add text to Word, Power Point and Outlook by speaking into a microphone. The app is a part of Microsoft Garage, the company's studio for experimental apps. This studio also includes the one-handed Word Flow keyboard, News Pro and a facial recognition AI that identifies dog breeds.

Dictate supports over 20 spoken languages and can also provide real-time translation for what you say into 60 different languages. English speakers can also use commands like "new line" or "delete" for extra control over what they dictate. Dictate is available now for download online with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office for Windows 8.1 or above.

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